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Bus Mexico, Douglas, Arizona to Oaxaca City, Mexico

First Class Bus Douglas Arizona to Oaxaca Mexico

Bus Travel Mexico

Tucson Arizona
     Several shuttles serve van service to Nogales and Douglas AZ. from Tucson and Phoenix Arizona.   Sergios Shuttle is one that has an office on South 6th in Tucson.
      The Douglas Shuttle reaches the Mexican border at Agua Prieta where first class bus service offers a trip of 1600 miles by bus from Agua Prieta to Oaxaca, Mexico.
The Douglas Shuttle cost 25.00 USD from Tucson.

Shuttles run all day from several locations on South Sixth.  The shuttle will stop at a gas station such as Circle K for gas up and food stop.
The route is on Route 10 east towards Benson and Tombstone.
The van takes Route 80 for Tombstone, 72 miles north of Douglas. Some drivers use the Douglas turn-off, south of Tombstone, others head for Bisbee and then Douglas.

Futura Bus, a division of Estrella Blanca Bus,  serves Mexico City 
 from Agua Prieta
The van stops at the border on the Douglas side.  Walk to the border crossing and go through Mexican customs and immigration.  Get the Tourist Card.  (visa.) after paying 290 pesos for a 6 month tourist card. (permission to visit Mexico for six months)

Just after the border check station, walk to the cab stand where taxis take you to the bus station for 60 Pesos.

The Central de Autobus in Douglas is a small station where you have choices of Chihuahuenses Bus, Futura Bus, and , across the street, Omnibus.   Chihuahuenses bus serve Mexico City for around 1500 pesos.
Cities along the route are interesting for a visit and can break up the extremely long bus ride.  Zacatecas is one of the interesting colonial cities as are San Luis Potosi and Aguascalientes.

The first class buses in Mexico are new volvos and Mercedez luxury coaches with deeply reclining seats, seatbelts, and one or two bathrooms.
 From Agua Prieta to Zacatecas is about a twenty two hour trip.  You can sleep much of the way during the night.

Zacatecas is ;an old colonial city where wealthy miners built 
luxurious homes and public buildings.

  •  Zacatecas
Once in Zacatecas, you can taxi into the Centro Historico.  A hotel well located is the Hotel Condesa which is right in the center of the historic district and reasonable at 500 pesos. ($39 USD) Rooms range from 400 to 600 Pesos.
 No pool no Wifi but adequate. The restaurant downstairs is convenient and serves good food.

Zacatecas was once a rich mining town. Silver is still mined nearby. The wealth in colonial times built many great churches and colonial buildings. Zacatecas is walkable although it is at 7700 feet (2347 meters)  There is much to see in the Historic Colonial Center.
In the State of Zacatecas there are ruin sites of interest.  The city has a museum with artifacts. to the south of the city find La Quemada ruin site

Zacatecas offers a cable car ride
Zacatecas offers a mine tour and cable car ride.

  • Mexico City
From Zacatecas, buses reach Mexico City after a nine hour trip of 370 miles. (490 pesos) This could be a Chihuahuenses bus.
The bus goes via Quertaro to Mexico Norte Station

The bus ride offers great scenery

From Mexico City Distrito Federal (DF), Terminal Norte, you can book an ADO bus for Oaxaca City,  490 Pesos.  Night buses are frequent up until midnight.

Oaxaca ADO Bus Station

  • Oaxaca City

       Oaxaca, Mexico, ADO Station
The night bus from Terminal Norte arrives in Oaxaca in the morning after a six to seven hour trip.
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Oaxaca Guelaguetza Parade July youtube video

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